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The refrigerator is one of the most important component of our home!
As we know that fridge safely stores our daily foods and delays the formation of micro-organisms which spoils our food which in turn prevents us from falling sick.
Refrigerators provide a huge overall comfort and ease of living in our daily routine and we cannot think of a day without it.
Be it for storing foods, making ice or keeping your drink cold, it has multiple benefits. Even medicines that are asked to keep away from direct sunlight and heat are kept in freezers.
Fridge is actually the most used small appliance in most homes which is operating all day long.
As its working all day sometimes you find that your fridge is not working efficiently. Maybe water leaking is out of it, cooling performance fail, unusual noise or many more such issues.
Whatever may be the issue there is a fix for all but it should be done by an expert refrigerator repair service provider so that all faults are fixed properly.

refrigerator repair service

Below are Few Of The Most Common Refrigerator Issues that Will Need A Expert Appliance Repairman Help In Fixing –

A few of the most common fridge problems are:

The compressor of the fridge shuts off
The fridge would start making unusual noises
Not making ice anymore.
Excessive Power consumption
The fridge is leaking.
Frost buildup in a freezer or fresh food section
Dispenser has no water, no ice is coming out.
The door gasket /seal is damaged.

You might be facing other problems which are not even listed here but No need to worry as Nick at DG Tech Appliance Repair Company is always here help out with any issues you are facing with your fridge.


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We provide fridge repair for almost all major brands such as-

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Kenmore Refrigerator
Maytag Refrigerator
Whirlpool Refrigerator
Frigidaire Refrigerator
Electrolux Refrigerator

and also for other popuylar brands such as Amana, Roper, KitchenAid, Hotpoint, Magic Chef, Sharp, Admiral, Kirkland, Tappan,etc.

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