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Ovens are usually a very important component of your kitchen that make your life a lot easier and make your kitchen complete. Beside helping you in making delicious recipes it is also helps you out in trying different cooking techniques such as broiling, grilling, convention baking etc.

But as every appliance can cause issues from time to time, same as for the ovens which can stop working or work inefficiently sometimes making your cooking plans go to waste. But no need to worry as when the problem occurs, I can help you in fixing it up at the convenience of your home so that you don’t have to face any hassles and can cook your next delicious meals without waiting for too long.

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These are few of the most common issues that may need a reputed Expert appliance repairman service.

Oven is not heating up to the desired temperature
It is not self cleaning
The lights on the panel are not turning on
  Excessive Power consumption
  Oven is not shutting down or not even opening
Unwanted noises are coming out.
Not working at all.

If you are facing any of the above issues or just anything else then dont wait and call Nick at DG Tech Appliance Repair company to get the best expert solution ever.

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If Your Are Searching For Oven Repair Near Me Then Don’t Worry. Call Us Now To Get An Expert To Repair Your Appliance Related Issues

We are very excited to provide you our top notch appliance repair services and fix all the problems of your household appliances which are causing a problem in your daily lives. We provide repair solution to most small appliances.

With 12+ years of experience our company DG Tech Appliance Repair has proved to be the best local appliance repair service provider in Marin county and nearby San Fransisco Bay Area. We provide services for all daily use home devices at the most affordable rates.

Schedule a call back today and get your household gadgets fixed in a hassle free way. We provide Oven repair service for almost all major brands such as-

GE Oven
Maytag Oven
Whirlpool Oven
Kitchenaid Oven
Kenmore Oven
Frigidaire Oven


If you have any emergency need, just call our 24 hours helpline number !!

We deliver the best oven Repair Service In Novato, San Rafael & Entire Marin County Including The Nearby SF North Bay Area Of California.

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